A product picker arm is a type of mechanical arm, usually programmable, with functions that can take the place of a human arm. This arm could become part of a more complex robot.

Classification of robotic arms to pick up products

A serial product picker arm is described as a linked chain moving by joints activated by a motor. An end effector, also known as a robot arm, can be attached to the end of the line.

Like other robotic mechanisms, robotic arms are usually classified according to the number of degrees of freedom.

In simple terms, the number of degrees of freedom is equal to the number of joints moving on the link of the product picking robot arm.

The product picking robot arm needs at least six degrees of freedom to allow the robotic arm to achieve any posture (position and orientation) in three-dimensional space.

In addition, there is an additional degree of freedom that allows to change the position of some links on the product picking robot arm (such as the upper/lower elbow) while holding the robot arms together.

Inverse kinematics is the mathematical process of calculating the configuration of the robotic arm, usually in units of joint angle, used for the required position of the robot arm in three-dimensional space.

Structure of the robot arm to pick up the product

The product picking robot arm has the same parts as a human arm: wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder joint, and hand. The robot has 6 degrees of freedom, allowing it to move in six different ways

Robotic arms are made of cast iron or steel and are specially made for brackets and wearables. Helps support weight lifting and arm movement. To control a complete robot, the robot arm that grabs the product will include the following 3 parts:

1. Controller

This is the main receiver that directly controls the robotic arm to acquire products, receive and process signals like a human brain. The signal can be pre-programmed and the robot arm will run automatically. According to the requirements of each operation and the capacity to be handled, there will be a separate system. From simple to complex operations such as determining coordinates, positions, passing points … all must go through this department.

2. Arm parts

This is a muscle that consists of 4 parts: shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Chung can perform basic movements with ease and mastery. The parts are connected to each other by sliding and rotating joints, which can move back and forth or rotate left and right. The middle elbow allows the upper body to move without affecting the lower body.

Each type of robotic arm has a different type of handle. Some hands have a delicious 5 design just like regular hands. But some arms only have 2 to 3 fingers, some have only 1 hook. Or a mechanical handle with a large suction cup that looks like an airbag.

3. Operation Management Department:

The kit will create programs to install the robot to perform and instruct the robot to perform specific steps. The right software must be equipped with the right programming language and be easy to use.

The operator works on this part to set the parameters. This information is then transmitted to the controller.

Application of the product picking robot arm

1. Robot lifting – loading and unloading

Limit heavy work, replace human power in heavy loading and unloading jobs. Neat optimized operation, no redundant movements at all stages.

Save time, manpower and costs. Increase productivity and achieve high efficiency The product picking robot arm is used to load, lift and lower goods in many production fields: packaging, mechanical industry, electronics, food production.

2. Assembled robot arm

The assembled robot arm is used to meet the requirements in production. With small and compact size, it is popular in factories manufacturing cars, motorcycles, electronics,…

3. Increase quality output

The robot arm picks up products most effectively in the process of packing goods, building smart warehouses, creating a high rate of return in production

Replace people doing monotonous, boring repetitive tasks.

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