CNC Fanuc machine widely used in industries today, especially in precision mechanical processing factories. CNC machines save time and energy while increasing worker productivity. However, the CNC machine may encounter error 414 Fanuc or some common Servo alarm Fanuc error. Therefore, you must find a place to repair CNC machines in Ho Chi Minh City so that you can quickly fix the problem, avoiding the situation of having to stop production.

sửa chữa máy cnc tại tphcm

1.Common error in operation of Servo control system Fanuc

  • Alarm 401 READY signal is off Error 414 Fanuc

  • Alarm 402 No control card SV Card

  • Alarm 403 Axis control card, correct servo software is not installed on flash memory

  • Alarm 404 Is the Servo interface module and the Servo amplifier connected?

  • Alarm 405 Position control error

  • Alarm 410 Stop axis position deviation greater than set position (excess axis)

  • Alarm 414 Axis digital servo system error (axis fault detection)

  • Alarm 431 Overload PSM

  • Alarm 435 DC link down

  • Alarm 437 Input circuit overcurrent

  • Alarm 438 High motor current

  • Alarm 441 Abnormal current offset

Một số lỗi đã sửa


2.CNC machine repair service price list

Bảng giá sửa chữa máy CNC tại Tp.HCM

3. Why you should choose Limisys . service

LIMISYS provides innovative solutions while remaining at the forefront of the latest technology in the precision metal cutting industry. We constantly invest & research products, software and hardware applications while ensuring the highest quality service.

Product/service standards are made according to the quality management process, we are committed to guarantee: Error 414 Fanuc

  • Directly, quote without intermediaries

  • Survey, consult, plan before production

  • Optimal design, quick production & installation

  • Design & construction according to customer requirements

  • 12 months warranty, 2 years maintenance

  • Delivery on time

sửa chữa máy CNC tại Tp.HCM

4. Contact Limisys to repair CNC machines

Hotline: +84 28 3743 7768 | +84 93 880 4347 Lỗi 414 Fanuc

Fax: +84 28 3743 7769




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