Product Picking Robot Arm is a type of mechanical arm, usually programmable. With the same functions as a human arm. This robotic arm can be a complete project or it can be part of a more complex robot. Using a robotic arm to pick up products is one of the most popular and effective automation applications.

1. How does the robot arm to pick up the product?

The links of the product picking arm are connected by joints that allow movement. Rotation in all directions in space (such as in an articulated robot) or translational (linear) motion. The links of the robotic arm controller can form a kinematic chain.

  • Cartesian robot / Gantry robot : Used to move and assemble goods. Applied to assembly operations, tool handling and arc welding. It is a robot with arms with three prismatic joints. Their axis coincides with a Cartesian dispatcher.

  • Cylindrical robot : Used for assembling and handling machine tools. Spot welding and processing at the die casting machine. This is a robot whose axes form a cylindrical coordinate system.

  • Spherical Robot : Used for handling, welding, die casting, machine picking, gas welding and arc welding. This is a robot whose axes form a polar coordinate system.

  • SCARA  Robot: Used for picking and placing goods, assembly operations, and other tool handling. This robot has two parallel rotating joints to provide the ability to operate in a single plane.

  • Articulated Robot : Used for assembly, sampler, gas welding, arc welding and spray painting operations. This is a modern robotic arm with at least three rotating joints.

  • Parallel Robot : A major use of this type of robotic arm is mobility, simulating the cockpit of a flight. This is a modern robotic arm with simultaneous prismatic or rotating joints.

  • Robot humanoid : This robotic arm is shaped like a human hand, that is, has independent fingers and thumbs.

2. Benefits of using a robotic arm to pick up products

When using the robot arm to pick up the product, each factory has a specific effect. Here are some specific benefits in modern industrial production

2.1 Improve production efficiency

The first benefit that managers aim for, improving efficiency and productivity of work. With high flexibility, the robot arm can meet most production needs. From being a material picker robot to things like welding, painting, labeling, material handling, product inspection and testing, etc. The robot arm can work for a long time continuously, with no break in production. From here, improve production efficiency more when using people (Manual).

2.2 Robotic arm picks up products to save working space

Not only versatile and versatile, but the robot arm can also work very effectively in small spaces. Previously, machinery occupied a very large area in the overall factory premises. In addition, there are many operators, making the working environment very secretive. Now, with 1 robotic arm you can get the job done quickly without taking up space. Can work even in larger mechanical structures. The use of multiple robotic arms to pick up products. Create a seamless structure, and save space. Help expand the working environment in the most optimal way.

2.3 The robotic arm picks up the product to save money

Every production and business enterprise is always aiming for profit. Quality products, well received by consumers but at a loss. Then no manager continues to develop and launch the market anymore. The robot can work continuously, without rest, increasing production efficiency. In the long run, it is possible to reduce labor costs while increasing work output.

2.4 The robotic arm picks up the product to help limit errors

The training of direct production personnel, no matter how detailed they are, people still have a very high chance of making mistakes. But for the use of the robot arm, the error will be greatly reduced. With mechanisms carefully designed in detail and programmed. The robot always does the right thing with a very small error. The problem of robot errors is only when humans intervene, but it is also very easy to control and overcome.

2.5 Safety for workers

The use of robotic arms is also a way of safety protection in the production process. People in the factory environment industrial will have potential dangers while working. But not for Robots. With sensors assembled around the robot, the robot can turn off the power as well as use it to operate when it senses danger. From there, it is always guaranteed that there will be no impact on people.

3. Application of the product picking robot arm


With as many practical benefits as that, the product grab arm has been applied in practice a lot. Not only big enterprises like Samsung, Canon, LG, etc. use for assembly. Product shipping. In addition, small and medium enterprises have also started to put into production. Such as applications: tunnel brick picking robot, wood picking robot, plastic product picking robot, etc. Each application supports and completes its job very well, thereby improving economic benefits for investors.

Above are some of  Uniduc ‘s understanding of the product pick-up arm. Thank you for viewing and reading our articles. Be a visionary manufacturing investor and keep up with 4.0 technology for best development.

You can buy ready-made robot arm models, or assemble models and build your own robotic arm. However, if you are a beginner in this field, you should buy products that already have circuit boards and detailed user manuals to better understand their operating principles.

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