Robot Fanuc is a leading manufacturer of industrial robots, supplying robots to dozens of countries around the world. With more than 250 000 robots produced so far. This article will help you understand more about the empire of Fanuc robot from Japan. That’s why FANUC – The “tycoon” of these machines is considered by Bloomberg to be the most important manufacturer on the planet.

Robot fanuc

General introduction about robot fanuc

The Fanuc robot started out as part of the Fujisu corporation. They have been manufacturing high quality robots since 1972 and are one of the genuine suppliers of robots to all Japanese and US auto industries.

Fanuc products are used in almost all industrial activities. Consists of

  • Arc Welding

  • spot welding

  • Material handling

  • Assemble

  • Paint

  • Bartending

The process of forming the robot fanuc

1925: Seiemon Inaba was born on March 5, 1925 in Ibaraki, north of Tokyo. He is the founder and honorary president of the robotics company Fanuc. He played an important role in the development in this industry.

1946: Inaba graduated as an engineer from Tokyo University and joined Fujisu Corporation

1972: computer control division became independent and Fanuc ltd was founded

1976 – GENERAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY was founded in the United States by FANUC and Siemens A.G.

1979 – FANUC SYSTEM 6 is the world’s first CNC machine with large capacity Bubble Memory and multiple custom LSIs. Thanks to that, CNC has a more compact structure. At the same time, it also improves controllability as well as achieves outstanding reliability and cost performance.

The introduction of Intel microprocessors has allowed the FANUC SYSTEM 6 Series to perform interpolation and transfer the tool-position information, data of the interpolation into the servo error register every 8ms in real time.

1982 – FANUC MECHATRONICS S.A. was established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the same year, FANUC opened the Technical Training Center.

GM Fanuc Robotics Corporation was founded in the United States by FANUC and General Motors.

On July 1, the company name was changed from FUJITSU FANUC LTD to FANUC LTD. FANUC AC servo motor is developed.

The Engine Factory has been completed. 1983 – 600 FANUC ROBOTICS LIMITED was jointly established by FANUC and The 600 GROUP PLC in the UK. 1984 – Upon completion of the new Headquarters, CNC Factory, Injection Molding Machine Factory and Basic Research Laboratory at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Headquarters moved to Hino City, Tokyo.

Also in this year, the FANUC AUTOSHOT plastic injection molding machine completely powered by electricity was born.

Other information

1985 – With the proliferation of NC-equipped machine tools, the demand for low-cost CNC machines also expanded. In 1985, FANUC developed a CNC machine, called FANUC Series 0 at a very low price, for the low-end machine tool market.

FANUC Series 0 is based on the technologies used in the FANUC Series 6, especially established and trusted software. Model C in Series 0 features high speed and improved functionality with an upgraded 32-bit microprocessor.

1986 – Central Technical Center, Robot Assembly Factory and Production Technology Laboratory were built in the headquarters area.

GE Fanuc Automation Corporation was founded in the United States by FANUC and General Electric. Under the management of the new joint venture company, three operating companies, i.e.:

GE FANUC Automation North America, Inc. tại Hoa Kỳ.
GE Fanuc Automation Europe S.A. tại Luxembourg.
Fanuc GE Automation Asia Ltd. tại Nhật Bản đã được thành lập.
1990 – 2000

1992 – FANUC Robot School is established. GM FANUC Robotics Corporation is restructured into a 100% owned holding company by FANUC, FANUC Robotics Corporation, along with its subsidiaries, FANUC Robotics North America, Inc. and FANUC Robotics Europe GmbH. A prototype intelligent robot has been built. 1995 – The assembly of the intelligent mini-robot is automated with a production prototype.

1997 – The new Servo Motor Factory was built. The factory has a “robotization” feature that maximizes overall operating hours including nighttime and rest days, outside of normal business hours.

Longer uptime results in lower unit costs, allowing FANUC to produce highly competitive servomotors and spindles. Workflows are “robotized” whenever and wherever possible.

To continuously produce high quality motors and reduce lead times.

1999 – An intelligent robot is produced after improvement.

2000 – Sheet Metal Factory is completed. Fanuc India Limited was restructured into a wholly owned FANUC company. FANUC currently holds 90% shares of FANUC INDIA and GE Fanuc Automation NA the rema

The reasons that many businesses choose Robot Fanuc

As a company looking for robots to handle welding, painting, installation or other professional applications. FANUC has high-quality, reliable and tailor-made solutions to meet customer needs. Compared to the general-purpose robots on the market, the robots produced by them can give excellent results. FANUC’s robot can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many large companies choose FANUC robotic arms for their projects. Previously, Shell Oil and FANUC collaborated on the development of solar panels. Another leading electronics manufacturer can produce 2 million TVs a month with only 15 employees. All this is attributed to FANUC’s robotic automation.

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